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I was working out in the gym one day back in January when an older woman approached me and said “excuse me, may I speak with you for a moment?” Well, I’m not very chatty in the gym and typically keep my headphones on and don’t make eye contact with anyone, but I’m also not a jerk so I kindly replied “sure, how can I help you?” She replied “I won’t bother you too long, I just needed to talk to you because I am too shy to speak to men, especially attractive younger men like yourself. When I saw you walk in I wanted to speak to you but felt very anxious. So I had to break my sense of “I can’t”.

I thanked her for her honesty, and we had maybe a two-minute conversation about the Woodway treadmill that I was running on. She wasn’t interested in picking me up or anything, just overcoming he fears. She then excused herself and walked away a stronger woman than before she approached me.
On so many occasions fear tells us that we are powerless, small, separate, lonely and different. However, love tells us something completely different. It affirms that we are connected, creative and strong.

No matter how much I work on myself, this is still a daily process of which voice I want to listen to. I fight it daily with my “impostor syndrome” being afraid to share more about myself and the adversities that I have faced. Sometimes we need people in our lives to push us in the right direction and help us listen to the right voices. Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to my friend Daniel and he helped me listen to the voice of love within myself. Which voice will you listen to today?

The way to overcome this is to step up into the light, look that fear in the eye and say no thank you I choose love today. When we shine light on darkness, we see the things we are running scared from that holds the power over us. When we stand up and confront what scared us by looking at it directly in the face, we discover that we are much greater than that fear. I have continued to teach myself that I can do anything I choose to do in my life, and you can do that same. We were not born to live in fear, but to live in love.